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28, 2011

Misty Does Megan

Misty Anderson

Misty Anderson

Megan Summers and Misty Anderson have been together before so they’re no strangers to each others gorgeous bodies. I guess being girls they have their own special way of getting it on together and apparently for some lucky bastard there it just wasn’t aggressive enough.

Halfway through their sexy reunion Misty gets taken by her hair and has her face shoved into Megan’s pussy! It must have been ok with Misty because she lets her face get forced into Megan’s ass crack and more too. I can only wish I could have been there!

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07, 2009

Megan Summers and Bratty Brittany

Megan Summers and Brittany

Megan Summers and Brittany

Megan Summers enjoys when her sexy friends come and visit her, it’s always a blast when they get together. Today Brittany came over and the two of them decided to have and ass contest (although I think they are both first place winners!) stripping down to little shirts and thongs with some baby oil added in for great measure.

From what I see Megan seems to really like what she sees behind Brittany and it was hard for her to keep from staring at her ass. Whatever is running through Megan’s mind I’m sure I support it one-hundred and ten percent, in fact I wand to be part of it!

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18, 2009

Kristi shoots Megan and Megan!

Megan and Megan

So all three girls… Megan Summers, MeganQt, and Kristi were down at the p-f shoot house for a shoot. The great idea of the girls taking “phil-flash sets” of each other came up… needless to say… we did it 🙂 This is one of three sets like this… and take a look at Kristi… all worn out from 10 minutes of shooting! haha.
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