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Natasha G – Ellelias by Gubin

Slender, graceful, and golden, Natasha is a classic beauty. A long-time favorite at Met Art, this model has a long and lean figure, a beautiful sweetheart face, and a flawless, bronzed complexion. In her latest photo gallery, this stunning blonde drips with old style sensuality, dressed in a black bra, fishnets, and a garter belt.

Natasha is a stunning model, who currently ranks among Met’s top ten favorite faces. It is easy to see why. Her perfectly toned figure, flawless golden complexion, and periwinkle blue eyes give her all the classic assets of female beauty. At the same time, there is a girlish delicacy in Natasha’s pretty features and slim, graceful figure – a robust, girl-next-door attractiveness, which compliments her natural elegance.

The entirety of this gallery takes place in a wooden doorway. The warm colors compliment Natasha’s likewise warm coloring and golden hair. This photo gallery highlights Natasha’s enormous appeal as model. Even within a very confined setting, she is able to move her figure alluringly, gracefully sliding from one highly appealing position to another.

For this photo gallery, Natasha chose a classical black bra and lacy black garter belt. Her incredibly slim legs are adorned with footless, thigh-high, fishnet stockings, and she playfully wraps fishnets around her long, slender arms. In the first photo from “Ellelias,” photographer Gubin offers a very flattering look at Natasha’s slender body as she leans against the doorframe. In her classic outfit, Natasha looks classically seductive – and she emphasizes that feeling by tugging on a strap of her black garter belt, gently parting her pink lips.

Natasha looks incredibly delicate and slender in the second feature photo, which shows her kneeling on the floor, her back turned towards the camera. In this lovely photo, the camera caresses Natasha’s slender waist, petite buttocks, and slender thighs. As she lifts a hand to grab the doorframe, a sinew of flesh runs along her lean back. In addition to the curves that define this photo, Natasha’s incredibly smooth and bronzed skin is a highlight of this image.

The final feature portrait of Natasha is very sensuous. Crouched on the floor, she balances on her delicate toes, looking away from the camera and allowing her mouth to open slightly. The soft lighting illuminates the attractive, toned lines of her abdomen, and highlights the supple flesh of her small, round bosom. Her legs open, she allows the camera to glimpse the dark, feminine flower between her parted knees, while pulling forcefully at the straps of her black garter belt with a sensuous vigor.


Natasha S – Dolcezze by Volkov

Demin, silk, cotton, lace… and the milky soft skin of a beautiful woman. These are the textures that define “Dolcezze,” a lovely new photo gallery starring the lithe, limber, and pixie-like beauty of blue-eyed model, Natasha. With characteristic enthusiasm and creativity, this feisty model shimmies out of her blue jeans and silk top, rolling around on a soft, queen-sized bed.

Natasha is a vivacious model; it is always a pleasure to watch her work. As a former ballet dancer, she has ultimate control over her body, as well as incredible flexibility. Nothing is too racy or revealing for this sweetheart’s tastes, and she eagerly twists her lithe and limber figure into a series of artistic poses.

Natasha has worked with many of Met’s top artists, and her portfolio at Met is varied and stylish. Despite the unique flavor that each artist brings to a photo session, this model’s adorable personality shines through each gallery, whether sleek, sensuous, playful, or sweet. More than anything, it is her true love for erotic modeling that makes Natasha so appealing. Many photographers have said she is among the most versatile, willing, and uninhibited models they have met during their career.

For this photo gallery, Natasha dressed in her own pair of comfy jeans and a delicate silk tank. As the series commences, she teases the camera by slowly unbuttoning her jeans and sliding out of her top, slowly revealing her smooth, lean, willowy figure. The first feature image shows Natasha as she has begun her delicious striptease, picturing the model laying across a bed, her jeans unbuttoned. Her white lace panties peek out from beneath the fresh folds of denim, her tender bosom emerges from above the soft neckline of her silk tank. Shrugging her shoulders and nodding her chin, Natasha looks up sweetly at the photographer, who positions the camera just above her reclining figure.

Photographer Volkov urged Natasha to take her time in this photo gallery, capturing the model as she sensuously de-robes. In the second photo, Natasha has shimmied her jeans around her thighs, stretching across the bed. From this angle, Natasha’s face and torso are out of focus, while her beautifully shaped bottom takes center stage. A lacy strap of fabric runs between the heart-shaped swell of her buttocks, scarcely covering her most intimate places.

Natasha’s great smile and daring personality make the final image a delight. Having removed her clothes and rolled onto her stomach, Natasha folds up her legs behind her. Placing a hand on her right ankle, she twists her spine to face the camera, her face lit up with a gleeful expression. From this angle, she is enormously sensuous yet carefree, revealing the soft, smooth, pink flesh between her parted legs. The soft cotton bedspread creates a soft contrast to the model’s milky skin.


Natasha Pink Pearls

Natasha Pink Pearls

Natasha Pink Pearls

Skinny 19 year old Natasha plays in the blue water, showing off every perfect detail of her body.

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