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02, 2009

Veronique A 39PM!

Veronique A – 39PM! by Erro

In a warm and sun-drenched gallery, photographer Erro celebrates the golden beauty of Czech sweetheart, Veronique, while also celebrating Met Art’s ultra-high resolution galleries. In “39MP!” – a dazzling photo set, which Met members can view in the finest detail – Veronique suns her petite figure on a white stucco patio. Bathed in soft light and caressed by the warm afternoon air, Veronique seduces with a swing of her hips and a toss of her honey-colored locks.

Veronique is a petite model with a compact and well-toned figure. She absolutely loves spending summers at the beach, a fact reflected in the honey glow of her sun-kissed skin and lightly blond tresses...

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12, 2009

Verunka Naked At the beach

Verunka's Dreams Verunka's Dreams Verunka's Dreams
Verunka's Dreams

One of THE best Czech exports to date has got to be Verunka! This woman has got an incredible body from head to toe and a very seductive exotic face that can turn heads where ever she goes. She’s very natural outdoors (where I bet she achieved that glorious tan) and had been nude on about every beach known, except for any that I’ve been to I’m afraid.

To just have one hour alone with Verunka would be worth days with most any other women on the planet and I would give most anything just to find out for myself!

To see more of Verunka and her body check out Verunka’s Dreams!

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