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26, 2015

Kate Winn Jerk Off Encouragement

Kate Winn Bathroom Voyeur JOI Zipset

Kate Winn Bathroom Voyeur JOE Zipset

Kate Winn is naked in the tub. A peeping Tom looks in the window as she soaps up and shaves. Does she know you’re there? She might. And she might not mind…

Eventually you make a bold gamble, and let yourself into the apartment to get a better view. Predictably, Kate scolds you and calls you a creep. What did you expect, right? But somehow she doesn’t seem THAT pissed, considering the circumstances.

You can sense she has a soft-spot for perverts. Kate might never date you, because after all, she’s a hot blond with amazing tits and you’re a horny degenerate. But if you do what she says tonight, she might just let you have a little fun.

And it starts were with her commands. She wants you to pull your dick out, and stroke it while she watches YOU.

Did you cum once already? Keep watching...

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27, 2015

Brooke Marks Shower Zipset Video

Brooke Marks Shower Zipset Video

Brooke Marks Shower Zipset Video

Brooke Marks Shower Zipset Video

At a time when people are getting fined for washing their cars on the wrong day of the week, Brooke leaves the hot shower on behind her fogging up the room, and dances around like the remorseless water criminal she is,
draining more and more from the depleted water tables of southern California with every passing second and each slow-motion bounce of her awesome boobs.
This zip is right up there with the raunchiest posing, outfits, and behavior in Brooke’s career. There are some shockingly revealing moments that fans of Brooke will enjoy with precipitous abandon.
Thundering fapclouds will gather once again, as the Brooke zipset drought is finally over!
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