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28, 2012

Double Pussy Fun

Gina And Misty Double Pussy Video

Gina and Misty really like each other. More specifically, they like giving each other pleasure, and getting it. So much so that they planned a little get away for that very reason. No phones, no appointments, no schedules, just pleasure.
Just fun… and what fun they had. With nowhere else to be, they take their time with each other… slowly and gently licking each others sweet pussies, making sure to satisfy every inch with the most pleasure possible. Generously, they trade places and return the pleasure until finally getting each other off in the hottest, most exiting of ways. We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say they are both very glad they took this time together.
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25, 2012

Lesbian Boat Trip

Alysa And Misty Hot Boat Trip

We decided to have a day off together with sexy Alysa and Misty and relax on the water for a few hours… and those hours were filled with mostly one thing… pleasure. They can hardly keep their hands off each other. Can you blame them?
They definitely know what makes the other person feel good and waste no time getting to it. No matter what the position, you can be sure these girls are having fun as their sweet pussies get all the attention they deserve. Come on in and see for yourself just how hot this boat trip really is. You’ll be planning a trip yourself!
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25, 2012

Misty Is Hot And Wet

Misty Hot And Wet

Hot and wet definitely describes Misty. She was hot and wet before she got into the tub and got even hotter and wetter afterwards. Thankfully, she wastes no time “cleaning herself” in all the important areas.
And once she gets started, she doesn’t stop until she is thoroughly clean. Her methods might be a little unorthodox, but they sure are sexy, and they definitely get the job done. And once she’s done, she keeps going, and things start to really get hot as she
focuses on her tight sweet pussy and cums so hard. So come on in… the water is nice and Misty is hot… and wet. Enjoy!
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